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Having even the best website in the world, stunning in bespoke design and coded by wizards is all very well but can your customers find you? Your website is a tool that needs to work for you.

On average Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second*, an amazing statistic. Ensuring your customers can find you is one of the most important elements of running a successful website. We have all heard of the word ‘trending’, keeping on top of keywords and the way they can effect your website is extremely important, pair with rich content, structure and generating organic traffic and you have a solid foundation to ensuring your customers can find you. Using some of the best tools on the market including Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools we are able to work with you to ensure your website is generating the traffic it should.

We often recommend changes and improvements to streamline your website generating organic traffic. In short our aim is to ensure your website has a strong structure, relevant content and META data linked to your services, this will help drive traffic to your website without having to use paid services such as Google Ads. We are strong believers that you, yourself has the product knowledge of services you are selling, paired with our online experience and some geek magic we can help ensure your website works for you, generating those all important sales and visitor numbers.

*Statistic from Internet Live Stats.