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Social Media

Like it, love it, share it!

So you have done the hard work and transformed your idea into reality now it is time to tell the world, what better way then social media?

Worldwide there are over 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users*, this is a staggering statistic. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool, ideas, services and companies have been transformed over night, the word ‘trending’ is one we all want to hear when it relates to our campaigns and social media strategies. With so many social media platforms it is hard to decided on the ones that are correct for you and your business. A typical example of this is Instagram, a pictorial based website, perfect for certain companies and not suited for others.

We as a local agency like to stay by gathering a full understanding of your client base, your range and end goals. We then add our expert knowledge, experience and research to help deliver solutions that will drive traffic, increase awareness and promote the areas of your business that you require. We can help select the correct platforms that work for you, exploring different avenues to reach the goals and traffic you require. We are also able to help generate content for your social media posts, including call to action artwork.

*Statistic from Zephoria.